Two of Macarthur’s best-known institutions are making music together…

Campbelltown Camden District Band is joining Campbelltown Catholic Club as an affiliated sub-club.

Their first performance at The Cube will be their traditional Mid-Year Concert on Sunday 22 August (get your tickets here) and a 75th anniversary concert is planned for November.

“What a welcome addition to our family,” said Catholic Club Marketing Manager Graeme Derrig. “This band, founded in 1946, performs at so many local parades and events and is a local institution – a public expression of local pride.”

The feeling is mutual, said Band president Roma Jenner.

“The ethos of the Catholic Club matches the ethos of the band,” she said. “The massive membership also gives us access to so many local people and we didn’t have our own concert venue – now we have The Cube.”

Campbelltown Camden District Band joins a long list of Catholic Club sub-clubs – ranging from local Collegians sporting teams to the beautiful voices of C4 Choir. The latter has the makings for a great combination with the band, suggests Grant Millard, the Band’s senior vice-president.

“I’m sure within the Catholic Club’s huge membership they are people interested in coming along and playing music with us.”

The Band are true quiet achievers…well, maybe not so quiet.

It was formed after World War Two as a small, all-male, brass band wearing modified air force tunics. As our community grew, so did it – women joined, uniforms and music changed, and woodwind instruments were added in 1977 to create a full concert band.

It represents Macarthur, and also Australia, at international events, and has hundreds of members: learners, juniors and senior members ranging in ages from 8 to 80. The distinctive red and white and its uniforms are seen everywhere – from Australia Day street parades in Camden to Fisher’s Ghost parades in Campbelltown, not to mention Anzac Day and the annual 24 Hour Fight Against Cancer walkathon.

Roma Jenner said the new relationship with the Catholic Club is off to a great start. “We came along with an idea, and thought it would need a lot of discussion, negotiation and debate – but none of that happened, the Club immediately accepted us for who we are, and what we do. “What a collaboration – so much more than what we really expected.”

As well as the Concert Band there are several smaller musical groups including a Stage Band and Marching Band. All groups are available for community or private performances.

For more details phone Roma Jenner on 0416 256 039 or email


Campbelltown Camden District Band History

A local institution, the Campbelltown Camden District Band is shown as it looked as an all-male brass band of the 1940s.
(Photo courtesy of Jess Newham)


Campbelltown Camden District Band as it looks today in its familiar red and white uniforms.