Winter is coming.

That’s the cold reality for people sleeping rough on our streets, many of them being women over 55 – the fastest-growing homeless group in Australia.

How can we help?

Well, until June 2021, Campbelltown Catholic Club is raising funds to buy 500 special Backpack Beds and Fire Retardant Sleeping Bags.

All it takes is $1 from every Club member…but there’s no cap, and a $110 donation would buy a complete ultra-lightweight camping tent (which can fold into a backpack).

“We’re partnering with Backpack Bed for Homeless, founded in Melbourne in 2007, which creates waterproof and fire retardant packs,” said Catholic Club marketing officer Graeme Derrig.

“This charity has won awards from the Australian Human Rights Commission and offers a bit of help and dignity to fellow Aussies who have fallen through the cracks.”

Donations can be made using C3 points, or cash, at any till and the Catholic Club will contribute an extra $1,000 for every $5,000 raised.

Founders Tony and Lisa Clark designed the life-saving Backpack Beds to not only stave off hypothermia and frostbite, but offer dignity to people doing it hard.