Campbelltown Camden District Band has staged its first concert as an affiliated sub-club of The Catho.

Earlier plans were scuttled by Covid, but band members enthusiastically belted out a string of Christmas tunes for an appreciative crowd at The Cube last Sunday.

Band president Roma Jenner was thrilled by the warm response, and next year can only see the new relationship blossom, with major concerts already planned for 1 May and 27 November.

“What a welcome addition to our family,” said Catholic Club Marketing Manager Graeme Derrig. “This band, founded in 1946, performs at so many local parades and events and is a local institution – a public expression of local pride.”

The feeling is mutual, said Roma Jenner.

“The ethos of the Catholic Club matches the ethos of the band,” she said. “The massive membership also gives us access to so many local people and we didn’t have our own concert venue – now we have The Cube.”

Campbelltown Camden District Band joins a long list of Catholic Club sub-clubs – ranging from local Collegians sporting teams to the beautiful voices of C4 Choir.