Shocked by the high local statistics surrounding domestic violence, Campbelltown Catholic Club is setting out to make a real difference.


Violence against women is a serious, prevalent and preventable issue in Australia. As a leader in the local business community, we’re determined to make a difference on this issue. Campbelltown Catholic Club is proudly working towards a White Ribbon Accredited workplace. We’re promoting respectful relationships and gender equality within the workplace and broader community and demonstrating a culture of zero tolerance to violence against women.


As part of this process, the Club has established a White Ribbon Committee and is working collaboratively with a wide range of Domestic Violence (DV) advocacy groups in the local area. The White Ribbon Committee has been instrumental in organising a range of Domestic Violence initiatives including the Safe-T-Card program.


This project is specifically targeted to help Women in the highest risk category of Domestic Violence. The Club has provided ten hi-tech Safe-T-Cards and is working in close collaboration with Macarthur Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service to identify and distribute these potentially lifesaving devices.“On average one woman in Australia is killed every week by a current or former partner” Here’s how it works.


The Safe-T-Card device is worn around the neck similar to an ID Card.


  • One press of the button activates a Red Alert and the device connects with a call centre where operators can listen live to what is being recorded on the device. This can also be used for evidence at a later date.
  • The Safe-T-Card operators verify the Duress by listening to the aggression that is taking place and can then relay that information and the exact location to the Police from the GPS within the device.
  • Being 100% Verified Duress Alarm, reduces the NSW Police Resources being wasted on False Alarms and ensures Women at the greatest risk receive immediate attention
  • When the alarm is activated the device emits a discrete pulse (heart Beat) every 10 seconds so the victim knows the call centre is listening in and help is on its way.


Tanya Whitehouse of the Macarthur Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service tells us: “Women at the most risk now have a very clear option for their safety; They don’t have to get to their phone to dial 000, this is something they actually wear and all they have to do is press it… if he pulls it off, it will alarm, it even has a GPS function. “When we did five-month surveys every woman said they felt safer’’ “Credit to the Catholic Club for identifying this need, and the results are really clear. “This is something we would normally have to apply to Victim Services for, and that can take up to two months, so for two months those women are highly vulnerable, so the Catholic Club’s help in this vital stage is huge and has made such a difference to women.”


The Safe-T-Card program commenced in August 2017. The Club has committed to fully fund 10 Safe-T-Card devices for 3 years. In the first 6 months, 15 women have accessed the device.


If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship and need help or support, please contact one of the support hotline numbers below:

  • 1800 RESPECT – 1800 737 732
  • Macarthur DV Court Advocacy Services 4640 7333
  • DV Hotline (24 hours) 1800 656 463