Sage and Level One Cafe

Barista made coffee, boutique teas, fresh bites and sweets. Perfect to grab and go.
Open daily from 10am

Please use the below menu as a guide. Available products will be on display at each location.

*Item only available at Sage

Member 5.2 | Visitor 5.7

Egg and cress

Smoked chicken and avocado

Turkey, brie and cranberry

Ham cheese

Ham, cheese, tomato

Cheese and tomato

Member 10.3 | Visitor 11.4

Ham, cheese, tomato

Cheddar and caramelised onion

Grilled chicken, pancetta, cheese and avocado

Parmy Sarnie – schnitzel, tomato relish, ham and cheese*

Bacon, egg and BBQ sauce on a brioche bun*

Member 12.1 | Visitor 13.4

Kale Caesar, bacon, crouton and parmesan

Roasted vegetable, mixed grains and maple dressing

Ham and cheese croissant*
Member $8.3 | Visitor $9.3

Falafel wrap, garlic sauce and pickles*
Member $10.40 | Visitor $11.4

Steak and bacon pie
Member $8.2 | Visitor $9.1

Chicken and leek pie
Member $8.2 | Visitor $9.1

Cumberland sausage roll
Member $6.1 | Visitor $6.9

Spinach and ricotta roll
Member $6.1 | Visitor $6.9

Pumpkin, ricotta and spinach quiche
Member $7.2 | Visitor $8.0

Quiche Lorraine
Member $7.2 | Visitor $8.0

Soup and crouton
Member $10.3 | Visitor $11.4

Wagyu beef and cheese arancini*
Member $6.1 | Visitor $6.9

Mini Cakes and Slices
Member $7.5 | Visitor $8.3

Cakes and slices
Member $8.5 | Visitor $9.5

Gluten free muffins, cakes & slices
Member $5.2 | Visitor $5.7

Glazed donuts
Member $5.2 | Visitor $5.7

GF | Gluten Free V | Vegetarian VV | Vegetarian, Vegan

Not all ingredients are listed. Please advise staff of any allergies.

Your safety and wellbeing is our priority.

Please practice social distancing.