Living the Good Life Together

Campbelltown Catholic Club is committed to working with suppliers, community and staff to create positive change and build a sustainable future. Our vision is to live the good life together with our community and we are working together to ensure we can continue to make lives better into the future.

Our Vision for a Sustainable Future


A sustainable future means minimising waste, sourcing ethically produced goods, partnering with organisations that share our goals of equality and fair labour and developing our team and our community.

It means taking ownership for adapting to the needs of our community and environment and working together for a better future for all.

To realise this vision, we are focusing our efforts on three key pillars based on our Club values and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Empowerment and development

Community is at the heart of everything we do. We believe we have a role to play creating opportunities and providing experiences for all. Our mission is to make lives better through communal experiences.

Responsible consumption and production

We recognise that becoming a sustainable business is key to having a positive impact on our people and our planet and strive to minimise our environmental footprint in everything we do.

Equality and inclusion

We employ, serve and care for others without judgement. We value the opinions, views and beliefs of every member of our community and seek to be inclusive at every level of our organisation.

Join us on this journey

Through collaborative efforts between our management, staff, suppliers and members we have made some good progress in our mission to reduce the environmental footprint created by our operations but recognise we still have work to do.

Share your story of sustainability

Whilst it may feel incredibly hard to make progress in this space as an individual, we believe that together, we can make a difference. Many people, doing many small things CAN equal big change.


We’d love to hear your story about how you are making a difference in our community.


Maybe you’re collecting recycling from your local creek, creating art from discarded items or volunteering at a local community garden – we’d love to share stories from people like you – with the aim of inspiring others, creating change, connecting individuals and fostering belief that we can all make a difference.

  • Let us know how you are making a difference
  • We'd love to see some photos of your amazing efforts
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