Wednesday 18 May, 2022 is Wear Orange Wednesday or ‘WOW Day’.

On this day we encourage communities across Australia to wear orange and thank all SES volunteers who generously give their time to help communities during flood and storm emergencies.

Here’s to all the volunteers across Australia who work all year round to protect us at our most vulnerable. We thank you for saving lives and protecting communities.

National Volunteer Week (NVW) is the annual celebration to acknowledge the generous contribution of our nation’s volunteers. From Monday 16 to Sunday 22 May 2022, NVW will celebrate the significant contribution of almost six million volunteers across Australia, and we will highlight our SES members.

We encourage the community to thank all volunteers during National Volunteer Week by making Wednesday 18th May 2021 the day you wear orange to show your support of NSW SES volunteers and share videos or photos of thanks during May. Remember to tag #THANKYOUSES on your posts!