Campbelltown Catholic Club was founded to support Catholic education, sport and culture in Macarthur. Over the years we have sought to improve the lives of everyone in our community, carving out a valuable and influential role in the region. We remain committed to our community in a diverse and innovative fashion, refusing to be satisfied with our past achievements. We treasure our traditions, but our commitment to innovation ensures we will always reflect the values and needs of our ever-changing community. It is our mission to make lives better through communal experiences.


We see our community as an extended family, there to provide support in good times and bad. We value teamwork, mateship, safety and history, while we have a clear understanding of our public role. We provide a social hub for those in the region, while welcoming visitors from far and wide. Campbelltown Catholic Club’s goal is to be known as the best family entertainment location in the country. It is our vision to live the good life together with our community.

Directors & Management

Campbelltown Catholic Club’s directors treasure our community just as much as our members. We seek to bring innovative, community-focused leadership, which is grounded in our proud traditions. We uphold our commitment to the club’s financial security by remaining transparent, open and forward thinking.

Life Members

Members are the lifeblood of our club, giving us the strength and energy to always improve our community. Those in receipt of life membership have been recognised by the Campbelltown Catholic Club for their service to the club and for changing our community for the better. 

* denotes deceased

  • Peter Athanitis*
  • Fred Borg*
  • Noel Burton*
  • Max Comerford*
  • Jack Crawford*
  • Jim Dengate
  • Jack Ellich*
  • Marjorie Ellich*
  • Barry Eves
  • Kevin Goonan*
  • Noel Hill*
  • Leo Delissen
  • Mary Ellen Bland
  • Steve Carter
  • Ted McAnespie*
  • Bruce McDonald*
  • Ron McDonald*
  • Bernie McGrath
  • Bill Meehan
  • John O’Reilly
  • Paul O’Loughlan
  • David Olsson
  • Alan Scott
  • Brian Sharpe*
  • Stan Simmons*
  • Bernie Slattery*
  • Steve Muter
Honorary Life Members
  • Father Kevin O’Reilly
  • Father Tom Grant*

Trading Hours

We are open 7 days a week from 10am through until 4am.

Closed on Good Friday and Christmas Day

Internal Sports & Social Clubs

Sport and a strong social life are intimately woven into the fabric of the Campbelltown Catholic Club. We proudly support a number of sports and social clubs throughout the region.

AUSSI Masters Swimming
President: Greg Jacques I Ph: 4627 7071 I E. jacques101@optusnet.com.au
Secretary: Lindsay Risk I Ph: 0419 488 739 I E. allbuilding@bigpond.com.au

C4 Choir
President: Matt Glynn I Ph. 0457 513 178 I E. glynn_matt@hotmail.com
Secretary: Kate Glynn I Ph. 0430 969 827 I E. singwithc4@gmail.com

CCC Fishing Club
President: Mark Thompson I Ph: 0412 227 809 I E. Mt486766@bigpond.net.au
Secretary: Joanne Van Heeswyk I Ph: 0439 724 156 I E. jovh888@gmail.com

CCC Social Golf Club
President: Rod Kenney I Ph: 0411 044 054 I E. rodkennedy70@optusnet.com.au
Secretary: Liam Murphy I Ph: 0450 906 714

CCC Snooker Club
President: Martin Sadler I Ph: 0418 808 000 I E. martinsadler@iinet.com.au
Secretary: Bernard Roser I Ph: 0401 940 075 I E. brroser@bigpond.com

Campbelltown Camden District Band
President: Roma Jenner I Ph: 0416 256 039 I E. romajenner@gmail.com
Vice President: Grant Millard I Ph: 0400 365 695
Secretary: Charles Noonan I Ph: 0488558138

Collegians Bridge Club
President: Christine Edge I Ph: 0414 240 110 I E. christineedge@bigpond.com
Secretary: Sue McGarrity I Ph:  0402 351 339 I E. smcgarrity1@bigpond.com

Collegians Chess Club
President: Douglas Adams I Ph: 0420 447 827 I E. a_james45@yahoo.com
Secretary: Kerry Lee I Ph: 4625 9812

Camden Cycling Club
President: David Hunt I Ph: 0435 932 976 I E. daveandangela65@gmail.com
Secretary: Sam Playford I Ph: 0424 757 380 I E. samm.p777@gmail.com

Collegians JRLFC
President: Andrew Thornton I Ph: 0404 452 483 I E. campbelltowncollegians07@gmail.com
Secretary: Jacqui Moran I Ph: 0420 804 621 I E. campbelltowncollegians07@gmail.com

Collegians Hockey Club
President: Samantha Freeman I Ph: 0416 311 136 I E. president@collieshockey.com.au
Secretary: Kellie Noble I Ph: 0459 394 523 I E. secretary@collieshockey.com.au

Collegians Cricket Club
President: Steve Cantrill I Ph: 0415 896 442 I E. Spc17n@gmail.com
Secretary: David Thomas I Ph: 0457 312 496 I E.cccdave@outlook.com

Collegians Football Club
President: Peter Ockers I Ph: 0427 104 111 I E. pockers46@hotmail.com

Collegians Soccer Club
President: Terry Coffey I Ph: 0406 803 115 I E. collegianspresident@outlook.com
Secretary: Alison Tonna I Ph: 0413 700 952 I E. collegianssecretary@hotmail.com

Holy Family Netball Club
President: Gai Hoban I Ph: 0404 674 777 I E. holyfamilynetball@gmail.com
Secretary: Lisa Sultana I Ph: 0417 656 007 I E. holyfamilynetball@gmail.com

John Therry Basketball
President: Maurice Kostopoulos I Ph:  0404 329 311
Secretary: Steve Peters I Ph: 4626 3322 I E. peterss01@dow.catholic.edu.au

Macarthur Saints Rugby League Football Club
President: David Ashcroft I Ph: 0404 070 923 I E. david@ashcroftenterprises.com.au
Secretary: Belinda Prakhounheuang I Ph:  0427 664 724 I E. macarthursaints@gmail.com

Mountain Devils Bushwalkers
President: Rosslyn Travers I Ph: 0405 017 979 I E. skyblues@bigpond.com
Secretary: Kevin Mathews I Ph: 0419 481 839

Mt Carmel Netball Club
President: Jeanette Sirec I Ph:  0412 427 546 I E. nettysirec@hotmail.com
Secretary: Kelly Barnett I Ph: 0402 072 660 I E. kellbarnett74@yahoo.com.au

Over 50’s Social Club
President: Thomas Allan I Ph:  0424 744 774 I E. priscilla.allan0409@gmail.com
Secretary: Valerie Earl I Ph: 0401 455 733 I E. val.dave@hotmail.com

St Johns Netball Club
President: Loren Johnson I Ph: 0431 102 580 I E. Loren.sarah.johnson@gmail.com
Secretary: Danielle Dew I Ph: 0407 668 034 I E. dani29788@hotmail.com

St Marys Eaglevale Soccer Club
President: Iain Kelly I Ph: 0448 047 542 I E. president@stmaryseaglevalesc.com.au
Secretary: Rebecca Collins I Ph: 0404 014 330 I E. secretary@stmaryseaglevalesc.com.au

St Thomas More Netball Club
President: Julie O’Keefe I Ph: 0418 287 566 I E. julie@macarthureng.com.au
Secretary: Debbie Perinich I Ph: 0419 741 077 I E. stmnetball@gmail.com

UWS Collegians Athletics
President: Stephen McQueeney I Ph: 0419 635 135 I E. Stephen.mcq@bigpond.com
Secretary: Terry Manns I Ph: 0415 182 080 I E. terrymanns@hotmail.com