Our Donations and Grants Programs provide assistance and recognition of the achievements of people in our region, and encourage each of us to do better for the greater good. We bring our unique experience, expertise and care to the table, so that together we can make lives better for the people around us.


Clubs offer significant and enduring financial support to the wellbeing of their communities. ClubGRANTS is a state-wide program which provides funding for community groups, charities and sporting teams, in order to strengthen their involvement in their local regions. At Campbelltown Catholic Club, it is our mission to make the lives of everyone in our community better through shared experiences. We believe we can change the community for good by leveraging our local knowledge and networks for the benefit of the local community. As such, Campbelltown City Council and Sector Connect are responsible for overseeing the administration of ClubGRANTS in Campbelltown.