Caption: Beverley Park School pupils Liam and Joshua enjoying the new bikes, funded by Campbelltown Catholic Club.

Beverley Park School pupils are able to show off their bicycle skills thanks to The Catho.

Principal Toula Finka was beaming on Thursday as she welcomed Club Directors Julie Puckrin and Steve Carter, who came armed with a second cheque for $5000.

Caption: Club Director Julie Puckrin handing the latest cheque to Beverley Park Principal Toula Finka.

“Thank you Campbelltown Catholic Club for enabling this program to get off the ground,” Toula said. “We previously didn’t have any bikes our students could ride, and it’s enabled us to have a fitness bike riding program for students K to 12. We’re even looking at creating a bike track, and possibly getting some modified bikes for wheelchair users, so it’s an ongoing program and Catholic Club support is allowing this to happen.”

Caption: Greg O’Neill, Steve Carter and Julie Puckrin cheering on student Liam as he shows his skills.

Julie Puckrin said it shows the role The Catho is playing in the wider community, not just Catholic schools.

“This idea came from Steve Carter who has had some involvement with Beverley Park for some time and saw this need,” Julie said. “The Catholic Club is always so delighted to see a space where we can, well, bike on in and help out. We’ve loved seeing these gorgeous students riding today.”

Greg O’Neill, a long-time Club member who also works at the school, is thrilled. “This is a fabulous program, and I’m very grateful for the relationship we’ve established with the Catholic Club Board of Directors.”

Steve Carter steers a committee that is overseeing funding for a diverse range of community needs. “This is something The Catho had always done well in the past, but we want to do it better, and have a community involvement beyond just Catholic education. When you see the impact of the funding we can all feel so proud to be involved.”

Caption: Club Directors Steve Carter and Julie Puckrin chatting with student Liam about his bicycle skills.