Our Member Badge Draws are not just an enjoyable Thursday night with live entertainment, an uplifting compere, and delicious meals and conversations to share with family and friends – it’s a night that if won, could truly change your life.

It was just 6 months ago that our MAJOR $50,000 Member’s Badge Draw prize suddenly won within the first call. This was a shock for the hundreds of people in the room who had come together for this massive event, but not as much as it was for the incredible woman who had just heard her name call out.

Doreen Bridges is a regular member at the Club and an intensive care nurse at Liverpool hospital. If that’s not deserving enough, she had also beaten breast cancer. For Doreen, winning a whopping $50,000 had aided in planning her retirement, and allowed her to travel to Switzerland to visit her family and see her newly born granddaughter for the first time. It was more than she could have ever asked for.

Whether you travel to see family or to see the world, or buy that new car that can now fit everyone, or perhaps pay off your mortgage… Whatever your dream may be, our Member Draws are a way to give back to our local community and a thank you to our members who are the heart and soul of our Club.

The time has come for the next major jackpot… The $50,000 draw arrives again this February 2nd from 8:15pm and it must be won! Every $5 spent from 5-9pm on the night also receives an entry into our Second Chance Draws, where the major prize is broken into $20,000 and 3 x $10,000. While you wait for your chance to win, enjoy dinner at our beautiful bar and restaurant The Dove and Shears or a laidback burger at Embers. Bookings are essential as we will be busy. You might also like to try our newly opened Harvest Bistro – available for walk ins only.

It could be you next, just for simply being a member and attending one wonderful evening. Tell us, how would $50,000 change your life?

Learn more about the Member Badge Draws below:

Members Badge Draw

Here is an honorary montage of our past winners over recent years. There is Pamela Bocking who won a fantastic $20,000 back in 2019, and long time member Jean Campbell who also took home $20,000 in 2018… and many more. These good-will, regular people won just for simply being a member of our Club!

Caption: A collage of past Member’s Draw winners.